April 12, 2011

Charlie Sheen, John Boehner, O'Donnel and Reagan

All in the same post:

LET'S BE CANDID. John Boehner and his Republican colleagues are fine people. The majority doubtless see themselves as conservatives.

But the failure to stand strong in the political wind for a mere $61 billion in budget cuts, settling for less than $40 billion is the decided product of a GOP council of war that is about as far from the Reagan and Kemp Inchon Republican mindset as it is possible to get, as Fox's Neil Cavuto and Mark Levin are in essence discussing right here. There is zero strategy here other than just do the best that can be done to get to the next fight and repeat the same no-strategy strategy all over again. It bears a very unsettling resemblance to product bred by timidity.

The problem here -- the real problem -- is in fact not the budget numbers themselves.

The real problem is a Republican psychology that is unable to understand that the entire American Left, after decades and decades and decades of tax-and-spending, has now effectively become the political equivalent of an addict. An alcoholic or a drug addict, except instead of scotch or crack cocaine the drug of choice is something even more powerful: money. Specifically, your money.

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Hat Tip: Robert.

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