April 11, 2011

It's Pretty Bad When The French Look Tougher Than America...

The French have decided enough is enough. They are acting to avert further bloodshed in the Ivory Coast:

"The operation is underway. I cannot give you more details. The aim is to ensure a bloodbath is averted," said Frederick Daguillon, spokesman for the French force in Ivory Coast.

The same excuse Obama used to go into Libya. Makes one wonder why the "massacre" of Muslims warrants a harsh military response (backed by the Arab League and the U.N.) according to the Obama Doctrine, while a greater massacre of Christians doesn't seem to justify any kinetic action.

One man's genocide is another man's jihad.

[Update:] The French went in fast and hard, and they got results. It remains to be seen if those results will have a positive or negative effect. Judging from history, I don't see anything positive coming from an Islamic government.

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