April 08, 2011

Government Shutdown Rant: Ground Beef or Prime Rib

I live in a city who has a government that....

* Charges us an extra tax just because we own a car
* Lines their coffers on the backs of small business via extra restaurant and bar taxes
* Builds stadiums that will cost us extra tax dollars (mark my words!)
* Gives retired firefighters and policemen a pension that rivals most executive pensions

I live in a state who has a government that....

* Sucks the life out of us through income tax alone
* Boasts some of the highest gas taxes in the country
* Yet can't seem to get a road to "stay" repaired for any length of time before they do it again

I live in a country who has a government that....

* Puts their own political bullshit ahead of making the right decisions to finalize spending
* Spends more time pointing fingers than getting work done (I would be fired if I did this in my job)
* Throws our military under the bus but has NO PROBLEM continuing to receive pay during a shutdown
* Can't make a decision as simple as "should we stick to ground beef this week or can we afford the prime rib?"

It doesn't matter your political party, it is the government as a whole who needs to come together and make common sense decisions. They are bickering over millions of dollars when we are faced with a deficit in the TRILLIONS. Dollars alone, this is like making a decision at a grocery store between ground beef or prime rib - the same decision many of us as Americans has to make EVERY DAMN WEEK just to ensure we have money for gas or other necessities.

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