April 01, 2011

Answering the Taliban: Yes, Please Burn a Bible

In a lengthy and rather ill informed diatribe, the Taliban's English language website has published an op-ed condemning America's alleged acquiescence in the burning of a Quran by the Pastor Terry Jones in Florida.

Among many of the stupid statement by the Taliban, this question sticks out:

Though the American rulers say, the burning of the Holy Quran falls under the category of freedom of speech but the question arises if a Muslim reacts to the bestial step of Terry Jones in a self-same manner, then would the American rulers and media tolerate it under the rules of the freedom of speech and would they remain silent?
Yes, our leaders would remain silent.

In fact, I dare you: burn a Bible.

Do it publicly. Put in on the internet. Send me a link. Zabihullah Mujahid has my email address. I'll make sure all the major media outlets get it.

Not only will there be utter silence by President Obama, Sec. of State Clinton, or any other White House spokesperson .... but the media won't even cover the story.

Why? Because no one will care.

The Bible is just a book, not some talismatic object of good that cringes and cries when immolated. The world we live in isn't a Harry Potter plot where books are animated with life, magic, or feelings.

None of us will give a damn.

It's the words in the book that are important, not the book.

And if any of us did care and rioted and murdered like followers of your religion do, then we would condemn them; not call them heroes. From another post from the Taliban on the riot that ended in the murder of at least 12 people:

The protester attacked the UN office and got shot by the invaders, martyring 4 civilian protesters; in return the angry protesters attacked killing 10 US-NATO invaders.
Those killed were working for the UN, not NATO, and were part of a humanitarian mission.

The lesson here? Shoot all of protesters next time.

NOTE TO AL JAZEERA: Are you purposefully letting the Taliban hotlink your images or are you just lazy?

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