April 01, 2011

LatmaTV: Tawil's rage, Poopie's outrage and shocking pictures of settler violence ("Final Solution" continues at Facebook)

"Facebook Intifada" was excellent!

Regarding Facebook Intifada, this one has been removed by Facebook since my last post:

This one appears to have the largest number of likes [Previously, they were 3,290,883 likes]


Another related one, March Back, links to even more intifada pages.

These Facebook Intifada groups are reproducing like cockroaches, and just as filthy.


Will Facebook be the "Final Solution" to the Jewish question?
Buh-Bye Facebook Intifada Page
Facebook Will Monitor, Not Remove, Page Calling For Murder of Jews (3rd Palestinian Intifada)
Intifada = Genocide
Facebook Jihad: Tunisian & Egyptian 3rd Palestinian Intifada
Fogel Family Massacre, PA blame Israel, 3rd Intifada continues at Facebook (Update: 2 US trained Palestinians arrested)
Facebook group advocating for 3rd Intifada against Israel[40,000 supporters]

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