March 31, 2011

The Concept Of 'Inner' Jihad

My friend Kitman at Kitman TV makes a very interesting observation about the difference between the 'inner' and 'outer' struggle in Jihad:

Roughly speaking Aziz argues that God is only happy if you are doing it for him alone. You should fight in the path of God so that his words will be the highest. God is not only upset if his slaves flirt with other Abrahamic faiths, he also tend to get very unhappy if they think too much of the earthly riches especially the war booty, or even their heavenly counterparts. Falling short on these issues could seriously damage the ability of an otherwise successful killing spree to heap up postmortem delights

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Don´t think about:

- a share of the spoils of war
- having your own sex-slaves
- improving your career opportunities
- the pleasures of paradise
- bettering the chances for your family in the after life
- other distractions from the pure cause

Keeping an eye on all these things, while fighting the unbelievers makes jihad a very difficult exercise, physically as well as mentally - hence the classic distinction between the small and the grand jihad - the inner and outer struggle. It is thus important to remember, that Jihad really is a small inner struggle, in which you constantly remind yourself that you kill for God alone and in a manner he prefers. All the while treating the war booty as something irrelevant.

In short, 'inner' Jihad, as Muslims often attempt to tell us, is not necessarily a struggle to do good over evil (like the followers of Islam ever succeed in that struggle...) but rather ensuring the mindset that 'outer' Jihad (terrorism against non-Muslims) is being committed for Allah, and not for personal gain such as fame, wealth, or an elevated status.

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Kitman TV lists, embeds, and links some of the best anti-Jihad videos you'll find on the web. It also includes the Jihad Dossier - a library of Islamic PDFs. This is a must-bookmark site for any blogging Crusader!

Referenced PDF - "Jihad and the Effects of Intention Upon It"
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Bonus: A commenter refutes every point! responds in the usual manner.

Anonymous said...

whoever wrote this is a biggoted asshole. i mean seriously, it's people like you that make me ashamed to be a christian. do you actually know any muslim people?? about 23% of the world population are muslims. clearly the vast vast vast vast majority of muslims are peaceful, normal people. The muslims that commit terrorist attacks in the name of allah are actually a lot like you, author of this post. they are able to hate an entire group of people (all non muslims) just as you are willing to hate all muslims. if the socioeconomic and military conditions were reversed, and there were soldiers from the middle east occupying america to restore stability and peace, i bet you would be the first one making IED's. if you choose to make no distinction between muslims and terrorists then you're every bit as evil as a terrorist hate begets hate begets hate. that is all. take down this blog you ass.

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