March 28, 2011

Canada: Far leftists, unions and Islamic terror group supporters work with organized crime in Caledonia.


A little background on videos:

Last night I had the opportunity to interview one of the principle people, as well as attend a lecture and set of videos by many of the residents of the besieged town of Caledonia where I learned a great many disturbing things, just two of which are,

1. The government seems to treat what should be a law enforcement issue, as a “peacekeeping” one. This has disturbing implications.

2. Out of over 3000 bands of aboriginal people, all of whom live in peace with the general population of Canada and with varying degrees of success ,only the ‘Six Nations people’ or Mohawk have allied themselves with international terrorists and use their special status to run organized crime with impunity from the police and state, even, on occasion, with their assistance.[ Read the rest, more links..]

Below are two Photos[one shown...ed] showing a Palestinian flag flying high over the illegally occupied lands in Caledonia, Ontario
caledonia ontario_palistinian flag.jpg

Wow, just wow:

This is a short excerpt of the Free Thinking Film Society event on Caledonia March 22 2011. 2 disrupters had to be taken out by the police and the presenter showed how various flags of terrorist groups are often flown alongside the banner of the Mohawk, Six Nations'.
Canucks, what say you?

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