March 26, 2011

"Naturalized" Norwegian Citizen Dies in Somalia Fighting of al-Shabaab


While several Americans have been known to have traveled to Somalia to fight this is the first known Norwegian terrorist to die there.

Terror Free Somalia:

This is, according to my information, the first time a Norwegian citizen has been killed in battle for al Shabaab.

This says Stig Jarle Hansen, researcher at the University for environment and life sciences in Ås and Somalia-expert.

He says the man who is killed came to Norway as a refugee from Somalia. After having lived in Norway for several years he received Norwegian citizenship. He then went back to fight for the terrorist group in his original home country.

What is the common thread between American Muslims ending up in Somalia and also Norwegian Muslims as well?

The internet...duh...

The original article in Norwegian is here.

But don't worry there can't be many more Norwegian Muslims who might want to join the jihad. Maybe just this one...

merzasafi has made a comment on A10 Run Against Taliban Hideout:

fuck your all plans amireca

Well at least we know he can spell f*ck and a couple other four letter words.

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