March 21, 2011

Libya: Reuters, CNN Do You Know Where Your Journalists Are? (Qaddafi likes Human Shields)

Libyan Government Using Journalists as Human Shields, Fox News Has Learned

gaddafi_reporters_human shields.jpg

UPDATE: FNC Exclusive

EXCLUSIVE: An attack on the compound of Libya leader Muammar al-Qaddafi on Sunday had to curtailed because of journalists nearby, Fox News has learned.

British sources confirmed that seven Storm Shadow missiles were ready to be fired from a British aircraft, but the strikes had to be curtailed off due to crews from CNN, Reuters and other organizations nearby. Officials from Libya's Ministry of Information brought those journalists to the area to show them damage from the initial attack and to effectively use them as human shields.

The curtailment of this mission led to a great deal of consternation by coalition commanders, sources told Fox News, but they opted to call off the mission to avoid civilian casualties.

This sux..

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