March 20, 2011

NATO OKs plan to implement the U.N. arms embargo on Libya, but fails to agree on plan to enforce no-fly zone

Turkey vetoes NATO from taking over UN action against Qaddafi

Diplomats said Turkey's opposition to any NATO intervention in Libya stalled the approval of plans to launch aerial patrols over Libya to prevent the government air force from attacking civilian targets, which were drawn up by NATO's military staff.

Both actions will require a separate "execute directive" by the North Atlantic Council, which requires the consensus of all 28 alliance members.Diplomats said this could be issued on Tuesday at the earliest.

Lovely, just lovely...gawd.

Meanwhile on BBC/Libya live feed:

0036: Libyan&Proud tweets: "I've just received a call from a friend confirming the following from Misrata: Two civilian buses loaded with armed personnel dressed as civilians have entered Misrata (ca. 60 people) accompanied by 11 tanks and are positioned at the main hospital in Misrata (close to the Time Square). The hospital has been out of service for 4 years. The tanks are positioned at the front garden of the hospital."
UPDATE: Who dunnit?

Libya_gaddafi compound.jpg
Qaddafi Compound Demolished

Too bad Gaddafi wasn't there...

UPDATE II: Report: Gaddafi's son killed in strikes

Update 20:09: After heavy bombardment of Qaddafi's complex, there are reports that his son Khamis Qaddafi has been killed in strikes. Khamis is a commander of the elite Khamis Brigade

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