March 19, 2011

No Joe You Do Deserve it

I'm one to give credit where credit is due.

Joe Biden does very much deserve to have the Wilmington Delaware Amtrak station named after him, just for riding the dag nabbed thing for 36 years.

In America anyone who has a train available and then chooses to use it to commute 200+ miles a day so he can see his kids. And while doing it supports Amtrak, saves fuel and *time.

Well that seems pretty darn conservative to me.

But as you can see by all the dripping Irony pointed out by Doug Powers who is in for Michelle Malkin,everywhere Joe goes there is humor.

Joe Biden, the man charged with ensuring that every stimulus project comes in on time and on budget. Naturally this particular station came in $5.3 million over budget.

That, however, was a small price to pay to add another piece to the puzzle of cost-effective reliable mass transit, as those in attendance at the ribbon cutting would find out as soon as the Amtrak CEO got there… by car. The train on which he was going to arrive at the ceremony for the Conductor of America’s Train to the Future broke down.

Well I can see why you're a little sheepish Joe. But that just adds to it. You were able to take all that hassle too...for 36 years?

About that is where Joe and I's tracks divide...but that is pretty cool.

If I had a train available, it was affordable and there were no smoke Nazis on there... You know before the hard roads everyone went by train.

Isn't odd how he's almost un-hate-able, you can dislike pretty much all he stands for but it seems kind of hard to dislike Biden himself, I dunno for me, I'm pretty far away from his state.

Looking at the map, I bet its a pretty ride. And also there are toll and private roads so commuting by car is probably pretty difficult.

(photo credit NY Daily News)

*According to it takes about 138 minutes by car, the article states he makes it at an average speed of around 60mph in about 90 minutes.

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