March 17, 2011

Democracy For Me, But Not For Thee

Just a few weeks ago, when the Egyptian protesters were on the verge of handing the country over to radical Islamists disguised as moderates (at least, that's what the Obama Administration calls them), Dr Kamal El Helbawy of the Muslim Brotherhood said, "We are not rallying actively for Sharia Law, but if the majority wants it, then why not?"

The video:

Why not? That's what democracy is all about, right?

In Sudan, its a different story. A senior security officer has come under fire for suggesting that, if democratically elected political parties agree to repeal Sharia Law, then Sharia should go:

Lieutenant General Hassab Allah Omar, a veteran security and intelligence officer who currently serves as the secretary-general of Sudan’s Presidential Security Consultancy, opened a Pandora box of furious reactions when he said in an interview broadcast on Friday by Sudan national radio that “If political parties agreed to repeal [Islamic] Shari'ah [law] then Shari'ah should go.”

Keep in mind, President Bashir's party National Congress is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, we see a deliberate deception when it comes to democracy, depending on whether it will benefit Islam or harm Islam. Islam is like the Mafia, once you're in, there's no getting out. But at least in the Mafia you can have a BLT and a beer once in a while.

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