March 16, 2011

Raymond Davis is Free! (Updated/Bumped: Blood Money Paid to Family)

raymond_davis_protest.jpgMultiple sources confirm he was charged, released and is now in or en route to London.

He was arrested in Pakistan after an incident in which he defended himself in an apparent robbery or attempt on his life. Several people died in the incident. He was accused of murder and of being a CIA operative by Pakistan.

Today he was charged with murder, but by the end of the day an agreement was apparently struck for his freedom. Reports are that blood money was exchanged and he was freed.

Cue Islamic Rage Boy in 5....4....3....

Hat Tip: Jane.

UPDATE by Rusty: ABC News:

Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor held in Pakistan after a deadly shooting incident in January, was freed today and is on his way home, U.S. and Pakistani officials said.

Davis was released from detention after around $700,000 was paid to each family of the two men allegedly shot and killed by Davis, totaling around $1.4 million, a lawyer involved in the case told ABC News.

The State Department then goes on to thank the "victims". Since when are two armed men chasing a CIA operative "victims"?

Updated by Howie again: There is a bit of riot footage here in this video.

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