March 13, 2011

Dead Men Risen: The Sniper's Story

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Toby Harnden writes about the Welsh Guards in Afghanistan in his controversial book Dead Men Risen: the Welsh Guards and the Real Story of Britain's War in Afghanistan. An excerpt from "The Snipers' Story":

Taking deliberate aim, he fired a single shot. The bike tumbled and both men fell onto the road and lay there motionless. When the British patrol returned, they checked the men and confirmed they were both dead, with large holes through their heads.

The 7.62 mm bullet Osmond had fired had passed through the heads of both men. He had achieved the rare feat of ‘one shot, two kills’ known in the sniping business as ‘a Quigley’. The term comes from the 1990 film Quigley Down Under in which the hero, played by Tom Selleck, uses an old Sharps rifle to devastating effect.

Making the world a better place two Taliban at a time...

two taliban killed by british sniper.jpg
Caption from article: Soldiers from 4 Rifles check the bodies of the two Taliban killed with one bullet fired by Rifleman Mark Osmond, while local children look on

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