March 13, 2011

Because Only An "Honorable" Man Would Beat His Wife

You read that headline correctly.

This video is clips from several different Islamic debates about whether wife-beating is acceptable under Islam. During one part, a Muslim laughs at a man who said an honorable man would never beat his wife, and then replies, "I laughed at the claim that an honorable man doesn't beat (his wife), because only an honorable man would beat her. There are disciplinary beatings that are permitted by Islam, which are practiced by honorable men."

Islam respects a woman so much its better to beat her, abuse her, or kill her than to allow her to have her own life, lest she might mess up and displease Allah.

I'm not really surprised some men convert to Islam. There are evil people in the world, so it makes sense to embrace a "religion" that promises salvation and paradise to those who commit evil. Why not embrace a faith that elevates your status above all other humans and places you just short of a god? If you have no humanity or common decency, why not embrace the only conventional "religion" that gives you the authority - and the duty - to maintain other human beings as slaves?

But why on earth would a woman willingly convert to Islam? The very best she could hope for is to be treated like a pet in this life, and then, if she is deemed worthy enough to enter paradise, live as a perpetual virgin to be raped over and over and over for all eternity.

I just don't understand it.

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