March 11, 2011

Something is Rotten in Denmark

I don't want to get up there and defend WINNING!

But if Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller reached an agreement to settle the emergency order, then its probably not valid or about to expire. See you can only get one of those for so long because Mr. Sheen has a right to challenge any PO in court. And quickly. Thus why its called an emergency PO and you can get one at the drop of a hat. But he gets a hearing which obviously Mueller did not want to go through with.

But someone, presumably not Chuck's best friend felt it was required to call the LA PD to inform them he had "firearms". They did locate an old rifle and a few rounds which I assume they allowed him to hand over to a third party. I'm corrected in comments they tell me took his gun.

Its getting interesting....I smell a rat. Either the prosecutor wants Charlie or Brooke is female.

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