March 10, 2011

Watch King's Homegrown Terrorism Hearings Live

Created by North Carolina al Qaeda member, Samir Khan.

I'm watching Peter King's Homeland Security hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the US live here.

A couple of thoughts:

1) There is no Muslim community in the US. There are only Muslim communities.

There are many Muslim communities in the US that work well with law enforcement. Unfortunately, there are other Muslim communities that are more worried about the FBI "spying" on them than they are about the real danger of young Muslims becoming indoctrinated into believing in Salafi jihadism.

2) CAIR does not represent Muslims in America. In fact, no one group can represent Muslims in America.

I know that the thing we talk about with CAIR tends to be that they were organized by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and many chapters have ties to terrorist organizations -- especially Hamas. But the real danger with CAIR is not their terrorist ties. My take on CAIR is that the majority of CAIR members have distanced themselves from Hamas and other terrorist groups.

No, the real danger of CAIR is that they represent the paranoid fringe of Muslim communities. A fringe that believes the greatest threat to Muslims is America. This paranoia manifests itself by CAIR's knee jerk reactions to nearly every terrorist investigation.

CAIR reinforces the state of denial found in many Muslim communities. Many Muslims simply deny that radicalization happens in the US. Instead, it's the FBI or other law enforcement agencies that are the real problem. This flies in the face hard data which says otherwise.

Okay, back to CSPAN 3 where Zuhdi Jasser is testifying that many Muslims are in denial about the extent to which Islamism -- political Islam -- is embedded in Muslim communities.

UPDATE: Wow, Sheila Jackson Lee is freaking crazy. She's just the extreme, all the Democrats on the committee are attacking the hearings. These people are in denial.

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