March 09, 2011

Muslim Shields Evaporate With The Western Media

Several weeks ago, the media inundated us with feel-good stories like this (All emphasis mine):

"I know it might not be safe, yet it's either we live together, or we die together, we are all Egyptians."...

These words became a slogan of sorts for many brave Egyptian Muslims who chose yesterday to risk their lives in the wake of the New Year's violence and attend Christmas Masses with their Coptic Christian brethren, serving as human shields against further potential acts of extremist violence on the Christian holy day...

When an Egyptian Muslim housewife will leave her spoon in the pot and attend a Christmas Mass to protect the very life of her Coptic neighbor, the cause of religious freedom takes a bold step forward.

One bold step forward, but then two cowardly steps backward:

Nearly 15,000 Muslims from the nearby area of Sayeda Aisha and Mokattam, who were armed with weapons including automatic guns, confronted the Copts.

The clashes first started with hurling of stones at the Coptic demonstrators, then Molotov Cocktails. According to eyewitnesses the Copts called the army which arrived at the scene at 15:00 with 10 tanks . At first the military stood by watching, then shot in the air, then at the Coptic side with live ammunition.

"We were at one side and the Muslim on the other, we have hundreds of injured at the Coptic side," said an eyewitness. "The Muslims were also shooting from behind the army tanks."

Know your place, dhimmi. We'll protect you only as long as you live in willing submission and feel yourselves subdued. (Quran 9:29) Otherwise, all bets are off.

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