March 09, 2011

Egyptian Muslim Men Shocked That Democracy Might Mean Equality for Muslimas and Copts

Hot Air:

This wasn’t the only ominous confrontation today in Egypt: Crowds of Muslims and Coptic Christians ended up throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at each other after a protest over a church-burning over the weekend. I want to focus on the women’s protest, though, partly because of the location, partly because it’s International Women’s Day, and partly because I got to “watch” it happen, sort of, in real time this morning. (More on that below.) CNN is reporting what happened as a case of “shouting matches” between women in the Square demanding equal rights and men opposed to them, but things went waaaay beyond that.
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Allahpundit is correct to focus on the Muslimas methinks. They have a lot more sense in most cases than their male counterparts.

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