March 08, 2011

Jihad Jane's (aka Colleen LaRose) Bud Jihad Jamie (aka Jamie Paulin-Ramirez) to Plead Guilty to Terrorism Charge


The HuffPo wonders if Rep. King will start targeting 'white women'. What makes them think white women/men aren't Muslims? Racists!!!

The crew at YouTube Smackdown aided in the arrest of Jihad Jane, who plead guilty in February. Icing, meet cake:


PHILADELPHIA A defense lawyer says a U.S. woman charged with aiding foreign terror suspects she had met online will plead guilty to a terrorism charge Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, of Leadville, Colo., faces up to 15 years in prison for conspiring to aid terrorists.

Federal prosecutors say she and Colleen LaRose, a Pennsylvania woman who dubbed herself "Jihad Jane" online, took steps to help incite a holy war in Europe and South Asia.

Hmmm, I wonder who Jihad Jamie ratted out? Also, will she get to share a cell with her lover Jihad Jane?

See this post for a background on our role in this case and an exclusive interview with the real guy who turned in Jihad Jane, or checkout our Jihad Jane archives.

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