March 06, 2011

Somalia: al Qaeda's Al Shabaab Loses Border Town

american traitor al shabaab.jpg
ATTN AU: Splode this bastage already, please.

Time to force more children to join

March 6, 2011: In Mogadishu, the 8,000 AU (African Union) peacekeepers have pushed back al Shabaab, and seized several compounds the Islamic radicals were using as bases. The peacekeepers have about half their troops in action, and have suffered some 200 casualties in the last two weeks. Al Shabaab suffered over five times as many, including at least 500 dead. The Islamic radicals have been calling in reinforcements since the AU/TNG (Transitional National Government) offensive began in late February[...]

Al Shabaab has increased its recruiting efforts, not just to replace over a thousand dead and wounded from the two week old TNG offensive, but to replace the growing number of deserters. Al Shabaab has become increasingly unpopular because of its use of terror, and imposition of unpopular lifestyle rules (no drinking, videos, music, dancing or sports)['Taliban style sharia law..ed]

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