March 01, 2011

West Versus CAIR

Some of you may remember my post a few days ago where CAIR's Nezar Hamze's confronted Ret. LTC Allen West and got pwn'd by the Congressman.

This video is a different angle and an extend version of that confrontation. It includes the question prior to Hamze's comments about Islam in which Americans Against Hate Chairman Joe Kaufman calls for CAIR to be shut down in America for funding terrorism.

One very funny note about this video, while Hamze was trying to respond to West, you can hear several people in the audience saying "Taqiyyah!"

For years, I, and many others, have been spreading the truth about Islam. Whether its at larger sites like Jihad Watch or at small blogs few people read, the message IS getting out there. People are becoming more educated and more knowledgeable about Islam.

This video is proof enough for me. We are prevailing.


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