February 28, 2011

al-Shabaab Forces Captured Soldier to Call Families of Murdered Captives to Inform Them of Their Son's Murder

Terror Free Somalia:

AU troops with their fellow Somali soldiers have advanced to new areas and succeeded in conquering new areas including the former building of Shirkole officiale and the former building of the Ministry of Defense.

In fact the confrontation between the bilateral sides was so fierce and lasted for several hours in sequence, and in the mid of the battle 6 of Burundian infantry soldiers who have gone stray have fallen into the hands of Al-Shabab, and this has happened because many reasons the AU troops can simply differentiate the Somali government troops and Al-Shabab fighters, because both have duplicate camouflage uniform.

The Al-Shabab fighters have killed 5 out of the 6 soldiers who have lost their direction, and among them was only one Ugandan and the rest of the soldiers were from Burundi.

Thus the smart technique which Al-Shabab which has used was they have collect all the cell-phones of the dead AU troops, and have instructed the only alive Burundian soldier to call and inform the families and relatives of the killed soldiers, and hearing the sad news the wailing of women could be heard.

The life in hand Burundian soldier whose name is Nzumba has also informed the families and relatives of the deceased soldiers to rally and demonstrate their grievances to the Ministry of Defense.

Rahn notes that the website that al-Shabaab, a specially designated terrorist entity as declared by the US Dept of State, uses to spread its propaganda is hosted in Michigan.

Also of note that their favorite platform for spreading Jihadi video propaganda is, you guessed it, Youtube.


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