February 27, 2011

Start now to plan your participation at the One Million Muslim March, July 4th, 2011 Washington DC, Anacostia Park!

Via Jarad Winter [video at link, oh, I stole headline]

million muslim march.jpg

Independence Day? Will they have fireworks and stuff?

Most of the success of the ill conceived scheme to demonize Islam resulted from the rush to judgment that took place following 9/11, and the failed 9/11 investigation which wrongly concluded that Muslims had carried out criminal terrorist attacks on the US on September 11, 2001.
The above paragraph pretty much sums up what this organization is about. Read it all

Update: Website is registered to Caroline Keeble (aka Anisa Abd El Fattah)[Ohioans against terror 2007 post]:

caroline keeble_onemillionmuslim.jpg

Lovely, just lovely.

Thanks to Chin Ho

Her response to Steven Emerson regarding the 9/11 commission

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