February 24, 2011

Dearborn Law Enforcement Covering Up "Honor Killings"?

Shocking but not surprising if true.

A civil rights lawsuit filed by Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) on behalf of four Christians wrongfully arrested for proselytizing at an Arab Festival alleges that Dearborn police and the local level government may be enforcing Sharia law - including covering up "honor killing" murders.

The four Christians, who are members of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries, make this claim on their Answering Muslims website:

On a horrifying note, one of the police officers in the jail told us that there are honor killings in Dearborn but that they get covered up by the police department. He said that he had walked into houses where girls had been beheaded or had had their throats slit. (But check the local newspapers. You won't find any mention of these crimes.) The officer told us that some of the officers in the department support what we're doing.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Dearborn media was complicit in helping to cover up these crimes as well.

These allegations are included in the 96 page complaint filed by TMLC.

A full account of the events that led up to the arrest and, ultimately, filing the lawsuit can be read at Answering Muslims. But not only can you read the full account, most of it is documented with video, which is also available at the link.

Update: Just to clarify, by "covering up" I meant deliberately concealing the motive behind the crime, not concealing the crime itself. The police officer who confided in Acts 17 Apologetics was, as I read it, revealing that Law Enforcement and local officials are hiding the fact that some of these crimes may be "honor killings."

By concealing the motive, if that is happening, Dearborn officials are essentially condoning the very barbaric Islamic practice of killing an innocent person to "cleanse family honor." True, other religions and cultures have committed "honor killings," but only Islam continues the practice in modern, civilized societies.

If the motive behind "honor" crimes are being concealed, Dearborn officials are guilty of protecting the Muslim perpetrators from the full extent of the law, not to mention cruelly denying proper justice for the victim.

Read the complaint below the fold.

Complaint Acts17vDearborn Filed

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