February 21, 2011

Heil Hitler Hezbullah Helping Mad Mullahs Attack Protesters

hezbollah salute.jpg

Revolutionary Guard needs help? Hmmm:


More than 1,000 Hizbullah terrorist army fighters have joined a huge Iranian police deployment to crush wide-scale protests that have left at least two people dead and hundreds injured or arrested.

The Islamic Republic regime in Iran has apparently decided to deploy an overwhelming army of police, Revolutionary Guards and Hizbullah members to squash the rallies. The government seeks to prevent the kind of momentum that toppled rulers of Tunisia and Egypt, and threaten kings and dictators in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and other Muslim countries.

Foreign journalists have been barred from reporting on the Iranian demonstrations, and authorities have revoked work permits for 11 foreign journalists, photographers and cameramen for covering protests last week.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah might attack Israel targets to help Iran
Tehran could activate Hezbollah forces to attack Israel along the northern border in an effort to stave off domestic pressures within Iran, according to assessments in the IDF’s Northern Command.

The concern within the army is that if the regime in Tehran feels under pressure due to anti-government demonstrations it will try to initiate an attack on an Israeli target – either overseas or near the border – to divert attention from its own troubles.

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