February 20, 2011

Zawahiri Rears His Ugly Head on Egypt

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Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri urged Egyptians to revive Islamic rule and criticized Hosni Mubarak as a “modern-day pharaoh” in remarks that came before the former Egyptian president was toppled.

“The Egyptian regime is in fact a repressive regime that relies on brutality and rigged elections while the Islamic system is consultative and seeks to achieve justice,” the Egyptian militant leader said in an audio recording posted on a website used by Islamist groups including al-Qaeda.

Mubarak was ousted Feb. 11 after 18 days of anti-government protests that demanded political and economic reforms. Al- Qaeda’s Saudi-born leader Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri have often condemned the Mubarak regime for its ties to Israel and the U.S. and urged Muslims to remove U.S.-backed rulers.

Egypt, under the late president Anwar Sadat, was the first Arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Mubarak, who took over after Islamists killed Sadat, upheld the accord.

“The reality of Egypt is the reality of deviation from Islam,” Zawahiri, an Egyptian, said in the recording, part of a documentary by al-Qaeda’s media arm As-Sahab titled: “A message of Hope and Good Tidings to Our Folk in Egypt.”

Missing from the Bloomberg report is the fact that Zawahiri is also a founding member of those peaceful moderates known as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. His most famous act as a member was his involvement in the murder of Anwar Sadat.

Yeah it was the Muslim Brotherhood who murdered Sadat. Everyone seems to have forgotten that. Anyway Zawahiri turned on all his Muslim Akhi to get himself out of prison and Egypt for good. He then helped found al-Qaeda.

We have the entire message, if anyone needs it email Howie. We'll determine how much of it to run here shortly.

Update: So that was not hard to figure out. The message is audio only over old stills of Zawahiri with Arabic subtitles. So we're not gonna run it.

Update II: A commenter wants to point out additional details about Zawahiri's membership in the Muslim Brotherhood and and offshoot thereof called Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

MB was founded in 1928.

Bumpyhead Z-Man was an early member of MB splinter group Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which appeared in 1979-1980. Bumpyhead Z-Man took over EIJ in 1991 and led the merger with al-Qaeda in June of 2001.
Well yeah so what, does that absolve the Muslim Brotherhood? I think not, these Islamist groups do that. Same sh*t different name.

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