February 15, 2011

Reporter Sexually Assaulted by Crowd of Egyptian Protesters (Updated)

UPDATE 2/16/2011: Nir Rosen has resigned and, unsurprisingly, he's the kind of self-hating Jew that hates Israel and who has literally helped the Taliban.

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It's her own fault. Her hair was uncovered.

[Seriously: The report says that she "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating" by a "mob of more than 200 people."

Was she gang raped? If so, I've never heard of such a large crowd participating in something so horrible. A few thugs, maybe. But 200? I think that's telling about a society that could produce something this bad.

And as AllahP points out, who ever heard of a mob being "whipped into frenzy" such that they feel compelled to sexually assault someone? It's absolutely unheard of.

I am not optimistic about Egypt's future.]

UPDATE: She's the mother of two. Good God!

Also, mother f*cker!

UPDATE by SH: Some jackass made this video. Crossed out part of his user name: (F**kMeBlind69):

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