February 15, 2011

Berlusconi Sex Trial!

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A Milan judge on Tuesday ordered Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to stand trial in April on charges of paying an underage nightclub dancer for sex and abusing his office to help release her from police custody when she was detained for theft, Italian news media reported.

The fast-track trial is expected to begin on April 6, according to news reports citing a statement by the Milan judge.

Mr. Berlusconi denies wrongdoing. After the decision on Tuesday, he did not appear at a scheduled news conference in Sicily, where Italy is seeking to stem a flow of more than 5,000 illegal immigrants from Tunisia.

The legal age of consent in Italy is, holy cow, 14. But it is unlawful to engage in prostitution until the age of 18. Ms. Ruby, her stage name, was 17 when she let the PM boink her.

Berlusconi has said, "I didn't pay her for the sex". Which is a round about way of saying, "Yeah I hit that."

More painstaking research below the fold. I say painstaking from cleaning up all the infections that Ruby Heartthrob passes along. She looks good but the girl has worms.



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