February 12, 2011

Algerian Government Closes Facebook Then Entire Internet

Pajamas Media:

Algerian authorities have sent out riot squads armed to the teeth and have shut down the Internet in an effort to avoid repeating the actions of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Daily Telegraph reported.

...These kinds of tactics were predicted in the previous post, Contagion, which asserted that the lesson that Cuba, Iran and every authoritarian regime in the Middle East would have learned from President Obama’s handling of the Egypt crisis was to go ugly early.

The opportunistic foreign policy followed by the administration would drive regimes to conclude never to give their populations the opportunity in the first place. Given this, the administration will therefore have to either create a real “Democracy Agenda” of its own, with a strategy, doctrine and logistical apparatus or continue employing a public relations program masquerading as one. But PR programs can only go so far and surprise only works the first time, after that, preparation and consistency count.

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