February 12, 2011

US State Department Calls For the Immediate Release of Syrian Blogger Tal Al-Mallouhi


(CNN) -- The United States on Saturday called for the immediate release of a young blogger imprisoned in Syria on espionage charges.

"The United States strongly condemns Syria's secret trial of blogger Tal al-Mallouhi, calls for her immediate release, and rejects as baseless allegations of American connections that have resulted in a spurious accusation of espionage," State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said in a statement.

"We call on the Syrian government to immediately release all its prisoners of conscience; and allow its citizens freedom to exercise their universal rights of expression and association without fear of retribution from their own government," he added.

Syrian Intelligence Services summoned al-Mallouhi, then 18 and a high school student, in December 2009 to question her about her blog, which contains poetry and social commentary on local and Arab affairs, the Syrian Human Rights Committee has reported.

I remember when she was taken into custody. I'm looking for the post now. I read her blog personally. It was in Googlish for me but it was decidedly democratic, anti-regime and surprisingly anti American as well. She may hate the Syrian dictatorship but from what I read any charge of her being a "spy for America" are pretty preposterous. I'll look for our earlier work on this.

In the mean time here are a few sites advocating for her release.




Her blog is here on blogspot, but its in Syrian methinks.

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