February 10, 2011

Tip: Rifqa Bary Makes Her First Public Comments Since Turning 18

The Church Report:

Rifqa Bary, made international headlines in fall of 2009 when she fled her home in Columbus, Ohio to Orlando, Florida after her devout Islamic Father threatened her life for not renouncing her conversion to Christianity which she hid from them for three years before being discovered on Facebook by leaders of the Noor Islamic Mosque. The case brought the discussion of the Islamic practice of honor killings to a national audience. After Rifqa’s legal team secured her status as a U.S. Legal Resident and prevailed in the Dependency case, Omar Tarazi retaliated against Stemberger by filing a ten million dollar defamation lawsuit against him in federal court and then bringing grievance charges against him with the Florida Bar. Tarazi’s primary complaints come from last 30 seconds of a Fox News interview that Stemberger agreed to do, where Tarazi’s name was not even mentioned.

Rifa Bary states that her attorney, Stemberger “behaved in a very professional and ethical manner during the entire time he represented me.” She continues saying that, Stemberger “played a major role in my eventual safety… and securing my position as a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States. I am grateful to this lawyer for his pro-bono service to me...and was completely satisfied with his legal services.”

Of Tarazi’s behavior, Rifqa laments, saying he “conducted himself unprofessionally and harmed my ability to reunite myself with my parents in a number of ways…” She then alleges ten things Tarazi did in the Ohio case that she felt was improper, unethical and or illegal. Among those include, filing criminal charges against her and her Ohio lawyer Angie Lloyd; intercepting and opening her personal mail in violation of federal law; moving to hold her in contempt of court; trying to stop her from getting Christmas cards from friends and supporters; trying to have her computer monitored; and encouraging Rifqa’s parents to release her diary to The Orlando Sentinel to publish and print “my inner most personal and private thoughts…and the secrets of my heart to the whole world.”

The scathing three page document, which redacts the state and county where the statement was made, also refutes several of the allegations Tarazi has brought against Stemberger in the Bar complaint. Bary ends the affidavit with, “Attorney Tarazi behaved very inappropriately and he is the one that ought to be severely disciplined, not Mr. Stemberger.” A full copy of Rifqa’s affidavit along with the Fox News video in question can be found under the “News” and “Questions” tabs respectively at www.StembergerDefense.com.

Hat Tip: Tim.

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