February 10, 2011

Please Help


Please, for anyone who might have a little extra money... a good Samaritan, someone of means, or just someone who has a little extra... if there is ANYTHING you can can do... we definitely need it...

Donations can be made to paypal: evanmarkfilms@gmail.com

We are grateful and honored to put your charity to good work.

Paypal donations can be made at www.evanmarkfilms.com. Again, even the smallest of donations is very much appreciated right now.

Also, I am looking for funding for a feature length film which is set in India and has the potential to be the next "Slumdog Millionaire."

I am especially grateful to my Muslim friends who encouraged the making of "The Taliban," and "A Brave New World" and are helping with their dissemination.

Evanmark Film's Youtube channel is here.

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