February 08, 2011

What Has Revolution Muslim (aka IslamPolicy) Younes Abdullah Been Up To? Shariah4USA (Update)

And getting ready for on-line course: Shariah compliant financing:

IslamPolicy.com - 2 weeks until first course on shariah complinat finance begins_1297184853004.jpeg

Anjem Chourdary's banned UK group Islam4UK has really spread their wings[GlobalShariahGroups]. Along with Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed as their 'true martyr' [he ain't dead yet]

Update: Ah, account suspended Bwahahahaha! BTW, the dude in the video was NOT Younes if wonderin. This is Younes on left with now being cornholed bud Zach Chesser:

Silenced for now
Gypsy_lions of jihad.png
Image credit: Flippintheraya

Newest group? sharia4egypt

File this under gagged sexual deviants

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