February 06, 2011

ATTN: SGLN.com (San Diego Gay & Lesbian News) - Sandmonkey Is Not Gay (Update -Article corrected)

Please correct this statement

CAIRO, Egypt -- Amongst the crowds protesting the 30-year dictatorship of Hosni Mubarek in Egypt are many lesbians and gay men.

They have also been amongst the opposition during the past years. On Thursday, one of them, the well-known blogger and activist SandMonkey[incorrect spelling s/b Sandmonkey..see update] (the website was taken down by repeated attacks but is now back up) who is gay was arrested, beaten up and later freed. As elsewhere with the protests, events were tracked on Twitter.


Sandmonkey (Sandmonkey) on Twitter_sdgln.jpg

Update: Apparently SDGLN knows more about Sandmonkeys sexual preferences that he does:

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 4:06 PM
Subject: Question
To: "janetsmirkee@gmail.com"

What proof do you have?

What makes you an expert?


Editor in Chief of SDGLN

Again, "Editor in Chief of SDGLN: please retract the statement and apologize to Sandmonkey. Also, have you answered Sandmonkeys email yet?

Update II: Something appears to be amiss. Notice how they spelled Sandmonkey as SandMonkey? :


Someone pretending to be him?

Update III: More mail:


We have deleted @sandmonkey from the story without consulting with Mr. Canning, who is the author of the story.

SDGLN did not originate this story, which came from LGBT Asylum News in the U.K.


Thank you

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