February 04, 2011

Would be Mosque Bomber Demands Dirty Shiite Lawyer be Fired

The media wants to make this case appear to be about bigoted white guy vs. Muslims. It's not. Yeah, he's white and his name is about as whitebread as they get, but he appears to be a convert to Islam.

Also, he's batshit crazy.

So, it's really about crazy Sunni guy out to blow up Shia mosque.

I cannot tell you how many thousands of posts I've seen online put up by Sunni jihad supporters declaring Shia "murtad" (apostate) and therefore legitimate targets, just like the rest of us kaffirs:

A California man accused of threatening to blow up a Detroit-area mosque has told a judge he wants a new lawyer, saying his current counsel "is a Shiite" and a "patron of the mosque."
It makes you wonder how many other so-called "hate crimes" against Muslims are committed by other Muslims of a different variety? And I don't mean just Shia-vs-Sunni conflict, there is also a lot of conflict between Salaafis and their fellow Sunni coreligionists for not being Muslim enough.

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