February 02, 2011

Would-be British Airway Bomber in Regular Contact with Awlaki

Rajib_Karim_BA_terrorist.jpgRajib Karim worked for British Airways and was in regular contact with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaki. What could possibly go wrong?

An Islamic extremist landed a job as a British Airways ­computer expert with the aim of blowing up a plane bound for America, a court heard.

Rajib Karim, 31, is accused of ­plotting with terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki to commit a ­‘spectacular’ atrocity that would lead to ‘widespread loss of life’.

Desperate for martyrdom, the Bangladesh-born fanatic volunteered to train as cabin crew in the hope of blowing up aircraft, it was alleged.

The software engineer is also said to have planned to hijack BA computer systems to ground flights, causing chaos for millions of passengers.

Karim had already begun to build a terror cell in Britain, recruiting a baggage handler from Heathrow Airport and a security guard, it was claimed.

If you aren't familiar with the specifics of the case, you really do need to read the whole thing. Karim seems to have come to the UK under the pretense of getting cancer treatments for his son -- at taxpayers' expense. When doctors found out that his son didn't really have cancer, the British government still granted him a work visa -- even though he had raised funds for the al Qaeda linked Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh!

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