February 01, 2011

Longtime "Friend" of the Jawa Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose Pleads Guilty ***Sticky***

Oh Colleen, it seems like only yesterday that you were busy supporting terrorism all over YouTube. You would put up videos, and we would pressure YouTube to take them down. And all the jokes at your expense. Jokes about fat wannabe jihadists who would be more comfortable on the set of Jerry Springer than on the streets Riyadh.

Without you around, what am I going to do? I kind of feel like The Joker to your Batman. You complete me.

And if I'm feeling this way about your imminent demise, I can't help but wonder how the crew at the YouTube Smackdown feel? Alas, your antics will be missed.

Okay, not really:

A Pennsylvania woman who called herself "Jihad Jane" online pleaded guilty Tuesday to her role in a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who had offended Muslims.

Colleen LaRose, 47, helped foreign terror suspects intent on starting a holy war in Europe and South Asia, prosecutors said....

In e-mails recovered by the FBI over 15 months, LaRose agreed to marry an online contact from South Asia so he could move to Europe. She also agreed to become a martyr, the indictment said.

The man she had agreed to marry told her in a March 2009 e-mail to go to Sweden to find the artist, Lars Vilks, who had depicted the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog, the indictment said....

LaRose pleaded guilty Tuesday to four counts: conspiracy to support terrorists, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, lying to investigators and attempted identity theft....

Among those LaRose allegedly recruited was Paulin-Ramirez, a single mother who also spent long hours on the Internet before moving to Ireland with her 6-year-old son and marrying a terror suspect from Algeria the day she arrived.

Goodbye Colleen, watch out for the cornhole. Or something like that.

See this post for a background on our role in this case and an exclusive interview with the real guy who turned Jihad Jane, or checkout our Jihad Jane archives.

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