February 01, 2011

Dutch Call Iranians "Barbaric Regime"

The Netherlands seem like they are kinda "gettin' it":

Zahra Bahrami, 45, who had both Dutch and Iranian nationality, was hanged on Saturday for drug smuggling, a charge her family says was fabricated after she was arrested for taking part in anti-government protests in 2009.

The Netherlands froze official contacts with Iran, saying it had informed The Hague just hours earlier that legal proceedings were still under way. A Dutch foreign affairs ministry spokesman called the execution "an act committed by a barbaric regime".....

The western-based International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran calculated Iran had executed an average of one person every eight hours since the start of the year.

Since Iran is an Islamic Republic, and the Dutch government now recognizes them as barbaric, where does that leave their persecution of Geert Wilders for essentially saying the same thing?

Thanks to Johnny Simpson, certified Zombie exterminator.

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