January 31, 2011

Google News: Mubarak's deputy linked to secret CIA program (Update: Aljazeera's Post at HuffPo - Americans want Aljazeera English!!11Eleventy11!!)

Yes, let's help out the unrest a bit more

WASHINGTON The man named by President Hosni Mubarak as his first ever deputy, Egyptian spy chief Omar Suleiman, reportedly orchestrated the brutal interrogation of terror suspects abducted by the CIA in a secret program condemned by rights groups.

His role in the controversial "war on terror" illustrates the ties that bind the United States and the Egyptian regime, as an unprecedented wave of protests against Mubarak's rule presents Washington with a difficult dilemma.

Also, Google/YouTube has just introduced live streaming propaganda from Aljazeera English! How very nice of Google/YouTube to do that./sarc

I would like to see Aljazeera's Arabic channel streamed there also. <----uncut...just sayin../sarc

Update: On HuffPo front page

Islams useful idiots.......

I've now become more pessimistic than Vinnie and Rusty, if that's possible.

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