January 27, 2011

Help Stop the CIA from Using Comedy Central To Persecute & Anally Probe Muslims!

Jon_Stewart-gay.jpgDude, my life is complete.

Al Mojahden English Network user Progman:

What sort of Mujahid activity is appropriate if the USA government has devoted an entire spy and research satellite to do covert surveillance and monitor your subconscious mind? In addition, you are being surrounded day and night by intelligence actors who are performing a vicious homosexual recruitment campaign against you. It makes it dangerous for me to reach out to any good brothers as they could find themselves targeted as well.

Although my individual Jihad efforts are strong and sophisticated, and I can disrupt their collective stalking efforts with ease, life is simply filthy. They will routinely break into my apartment or hotel, administer a sleeping gas and abuse my body from poking holes in my toe or fingernails to raping me such that I wake up with rectal pain.

There are too many of these filthy Shaitan conspirators for me to deal justice to myself though I am effectively prevented from networking with other good brothers. As they have seemingly turned my life into a Shaitan conspiracy television show there must be something productive or useful I can do with all of this nonsense to deal a crushing blow against the transgressors. I have already studied them in detail and exposed their secrets on the web quite effectively. I have a > 2000 person group on facebook dedicated to freeing me from the USA governments oppression. Any ideas?

A'ouzu billah min ash-shaitan ir-rajim. May Allah punish those doing foul deeds.

Here's his facebook pic and account which he calls Stop USA government persecution, crimes and abuse against Gregory Morse. If you don't "like" that page, the kuffar shaitan CIA have already won!


Yeah, I'm sure that homosexuals have to try real hard to "recruit" Greg "Abdul Muid" Morse. Nothing about him screams gay. Nothing!

But the best part comes from his blog:

In May/June of 2009, though I did not realize it at the time, I was raped during my sleep. One night I turned on the Comedy Central television show, The Daily Show, and at the exact moment a homosexual subliminal message came on in the form of a joke by the host Jon Stewart, I started to experience severe rectal pain. My assumption was that a directed energy weapon was being used either on my rectum to create the pain or on my subconscious mind to simulate the feeling of pain. I now believe that rectal pain suppressors are used to suppress the nerves that express pain in this area.
Oddly, every time I hear Jon Stewart tell a joke I get severe rectal pain too. I'm not ruling out the CIA, but neither am I ruling out that Jon Stewart jokes are so painfully unfunny that rectal pain is par for the course.

You'll have to trust me that it gets even funnier from there. As he travels from Muslim country to Muslim country, eventually ending up in Malaysia where he claims the CIA mind experiment project to turn him into a homosexual continues. These mind experiments include forced gay dreams. Forced people .... forced!

Please tell me this guy is real!

UPDATE: I fixed the link to his blog.

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