January 27, 2011

New Taliban Stoning Video Released

From the BBC:

She is entirely hidden in a blue burka. Hundreds of men from the village are gathered as two mullahs pass sentence. As Taliban fighters look on, the sentence is passed and she is found guilty of adultery.

The stoning lasts two minutes. Hundreds of rocks - some larger than a man's fist - are thrown at her head and body. She tries to crawl out of the hole, but is beaten back by the stones. A boulder is then thrown at her head, her burka is soaked in blood, and she collapses inside the hole.

Incredibly Siddqa was still alive. The mullahs are heard saying she should be left alone. But a Taliban fighter steps forward with a rifle and she is shot three times.

Then her lover, Khayyam, is brought to the crowd. His hands are tied behind his back. Before he is blindfolded he looks into the mobile phone camera. He appears defiant.

The attack on him is even more ferocious. His body, lying face down, jerks as the rocks meet their target. He is heard to be crying, but is soon silent.

Notice the men carrying out the brutal execution are laughing and having fun. And Obama says we should respect other cultures.

The men are joyful because they know they are doing Allah's will. The Taliban practice Islam the way their perfect example - Muhammad - taught them to practice it. They are the most pious of Muslims. They are practicing true Islam.

Some may argue that stoning punishments are not in the Quran. However, the Quran does call Muhammad a good "example of conduct" and Muslims consider Muhammad to be the perfect man. Repeatedly, in authentic hadiths that show Muhammad's behavior and conduct (which Muslims are supposed to follow), adulterers are ordered to be stoned to death.

Video below the fold. WARNING: Extremely Graphic! View at your own risk.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for video.

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