January 27, 2011

FBI Allegedly Spied on Anti-War Activists

(Minneapolis, Minnesota) On January 12, anti-war activists held a press conference to complain and express outrage regarding the fact that the FBI had stationed a spy inside their organization.

According to activist Joe Iosbaker,

“There was a law enforcement agent who infiltrated the Anti-War Committee of the Twin Cities, in order to spy on and disrupt the plans for the protests at the Republican National Convention.”

“That person, who went by the name of Karen Sullivan, stuck around and eventually was in place as a spy for two and a half years,” he said, “causing a number of legal problems and expenses in order for those who had engaged in perfectly legal, Constitutionally protected activities to clear themselves of trumped-up charges,” Mr. Iosbaker said.
Understandably, the anti-war activists are really pissed that they were infiltrated by the FBI. They have started a campaign of protests against the FBI.

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