January 25, 2011

ChiCom Annual Propaganda Meeting

Chen Kuiyuan -- Li Changchun -- Liu Yunshan
Chinese Propaganda Ministers

(Beijing, China) The annual meeting of China's propaganda ministers was held earlier this month and tersely reported by Xinhua News Agency. Three leaders attended --- Communist Politburo Member Li Changchun, Propaganda Department Minister Liu Yunshan and Dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chen Kuiyuan.

Notably, the attendance of Chen Kuiyuan was unusual since he is not a regular participant in formal propaganda proceedings.

Chen Kuiyuan is strongly associated with China’s hardline left, and his presence in the official news photo from Xinhua is for media insiders in China a tangible sign — a flesh-and-blood cautionary note about the need for media to fall into line in 2011.
Speculation of enhanced media freedom in China appears to be in error.

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