January 21, 2011

Abid Naseer to Involuntarily Emigrate to America


Sky News:
The extradition of an alleged al Qaeda operative accused of planning to bomb UK and US targets has been approved.

Prosecutors claim Abid Naseer, 24, was part of an al Qaeda cell operating in the UK in which the participants planned a terrorist attack in Manchester.
The US authorities are seeking to have him extradited.

District Judge Quentin Purdy approved the application in a hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in central London, but said the case will now go to the Home Secretary.

Ben Cooper, representing Naseer, said his client would appeal against the decision.

If the appeal process is unsuccessful, he will be sent to the US to stand trial for his alleged role in a terror campaign that would have struck targets in Britain, Norway and the US.

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