January 21, 2011

Evidence in Federal Court: "Jawa called me a fag" ***Sticky (Last Day of Sticky: 'Mustache Physcially Excites Me' Madness!!)*** ***(UNstickied)***

Check out our new logo above which quotes terrorist wannabe Emerson Begolly in an online federal wiretap in which he whines about The Jawa Report calling him "a fag" for saying that!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest moment in legal history. Ever.

Update by Howie: Ewwww, Vinnie UNstickied it.

Abu Nancy is one of Emerson Begolly's many online nicknames. It is only half as gay as his preferred online nickname Goatlee, but twice as gay as nickname number three: Asudallah Alshishani.


My life is complete. I can retire now.

You can look at all of the evidence submitted in the Emerson Begolly appeal thanks to intelwire here. Text version below.

(8:38:33 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: 101 (8:38:34 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: whaaaaat? (8:38:40 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: jawa called me a fag (8:38:44 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: on his site (8:39:02 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: he misused my statement saying mashoom;s mustache pyscially excites me (8:39:11 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: he is a pig (8:40:01 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: no, i dont thing its actually that serious as the exaggerated.. maybe i overexaggerated my analysis on our beloved brother, but i seek to have his permission if he wills for me to tell him.. as I dont want to be the bearer of false tidings anyway (8:40:06 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: and when did he called you a fag? (8:40:22 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: this summer (8:40:43 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: did they mention him by kunya or name? (8:40:47 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: his mother died while giving birth to a fag like him, so thats so unsurprising that he accuses you (8:40:51 PM) hassan@almanhajribat.net: kunya (8:41:01 PM) abunancy@almanhajribat.net: they r liars
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