January 17, 2011

Ansar Google/YouTube Presents Jihadis Using Image From VA Tech Massacre Funeral of Cadet Matthew La Porte (Update)

Image credit: hightytightyalumni.org

jihad tube rip you apart.jpg

Wolfenberry noticed the above

If I'm not mistaken, in the center left of this screenshot is a photo of Virginia Tech cadets in dress uniform carrying a casket. As a Hokie and former member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets myself, this pisses me off even more at these mo's. Any other Hokies on here see what I see? That photo is probably from a funeral following the massacre, which has zero to do with Jihad[Shooter is hero to them...ed]
Wolfenberry is correct. Image may have been taken from Highty Tighty Alumni, Inc:
VA tech 3-HonorGuard.jpg
3-Honor Guard: A cadet honor guard brought the casket into the church for the funeral mass...

See above image at 1:25. ( Date of video: Oct 13, 2010)

How low can Google/YouTube go? Shame on Google/YouTube!

Thanks to Andrea[Smackdown is on strike, p*ssed how Google/YouTube uses us..] for link to video.

Update: Video was removed. It took shaming Google/YouTube to remove. There was not 1 flag when I posted and the video went down almost immediately. Yes, sucketh of jihadis testes Google/YouTube uses us! Instead of doing the job they are getting paid good money to do, shame/sunlight appears the only thing to get them off their arse to monitor YouTube.:

YouTube - Nasheed Bi Jihadina (Deutsch).png

"Harmful activities"? WTF? There isn't a flag for that? What happened to "violent and repulsive content - promotes terrorism? Oh yeah, forgot, this IS YouTube...gawd

An archive Jawa has, thanks to sucketh of jihadis testes/$$$$$ ads ie: Google/YouTube: jihad tube

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