January 16, 2011

AQAP/Samir Khan Releases Issue #4 of Inspire Magazine





[Ex: ed] Jihad by your person is Fard Ayn upon every Muslim in the earth.

No permission for one from another for jihad and no permission from the parents for the child. Jihad by your wealth is Fard Ayn and it is Harram to make savings while the jihad is in need of the Muslim's money. Neglecting the jihad is like abandoning fasting and praying, more than that, neglecting the jihad is worse in these days

Pg 58 "We as Muslims should seek the wealth of the disbelievers as a form of jihad in the path of Allah That would necessitate that we spend the money on the path of jihad and not ourselves."

Al-Qaeda in the Arabic Pennisula's (AQAP) Anwar al-Awlaki issues fatwa for Muslims to steal monies/property from kaffirs by any means necessary ie - and or OK to kill them in the process. Page 48 features Awlaki's 'Why did I choose al-Qaeda'. Osama & other al-Qaeda players are included in issue.

How to on all forms of jihad, recent martyrs propaganda, Israeli fire, comments from media, comments from readers, etc, etc, etc.

Inspire magazine is the brain child of former NC (now in Yemen) resident turned traitor Samir Khan (aka Inshallashaheed). See Page 12 'The Central Issue"(image above)

The world is under Islamic law (Shariah) and didn't know it! Who woulda thunk?

Expect update[s]

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