January 16, 2011

Sandcrawler PSA: Help a liberal gun control advocate & lawyer who hates Malkin, Beck and every gun not specifically designed for hunting pay her rent

I wanted to help.

I find myself in deep financial trouble. My hours have been cut once again, which means I'm done, ruined, forked, at least for the short term while I try to find another source of income.

Last night I received my 3-day notice from the landlord. I will be out of cash and homeless very shortly if I don't come up with enough cash to show my landlord that I'm not a total flake. I need to raise $2,000 by Monday/Tuesday.

I mean is that not what conservatism is all about. Private citizens helping.

But I'm waiting anxiously for my own crazy blog stipend from the man.

I mean its not that I don't feel for the lady. The evil, FOXNEWS watching landlord oppressing the more disadvantaged lawyers & stuff.

I suggest she move to Bumfuct Egypt. We have a shortage of trained professionals, a large population of poor folks who need reasonably priced legal services and rent is one hell of a lot less.

Another advantage is that we are less prone to the boom and bust cycles typical of the coastal areas. Things always suck here. You can depend on it just like the rising sun.

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