January 14, 2011

Jailed 'Nasheed Expert' Emerson Begolly (aka Asadullah Alshishani) Mujahideen Training Video, Portions Filmed by His Dad (Shawn Begolly) (Updated/Bumped)

This video deserves it's own post! (Bumped because it is soooo ghey)

I love my "Black flag of jihad" (Al-Raya) headband patch!

Full story with the video is here.

Hat Tip: Zionist Overlord (number redacted).

That has got to be the gheyest 'training video' I have seen yet and I have watched a lot of 'mujahideen training videos'. LULZ

UPDATE by Rusty: If our long time friend Goatly, the "nasheed expert" is as mentally unstable as he is being made out to be by the defense, then what are the possibilities that Shawn Begolly, his father, wanted his son to become a martyr? Emerson the Pinnochio to Shawn's Geppetto?

I know it sounds like a bad movie, but would any caring father encourage this kind of behavior?

Update by SH: In the beginning of daddy filming Goat, notice the 'patch' on his left shoulder. It's the flag flown by al Qaeda in Iraq, the other 'patch' above it represents Al-Raya (Jihadi war flag). Online jihadist love to use it:

Pictured: Flag of the "Islamic State of Iraq", an al Qaeda front group circa '07.

Dad filming son with al-Qaeda patch on his shoulder as son shoots & yells Allah Akbar? What Rusty said....

Update II by SH: Re: 'What Rusty said':

TMCNET - Assistant U.S. Attorney Soo C. Song showed videos that she said were on the laptop in which a person Mr. Ferguson identified as Mr. Begolly fired a rifle at a pumpkin, or at unidentified targets. The voice of Shawn Begolly, the defendant's father, can be heard on some of the videos, including one in which the voice said, "Now you wounded him now" in apparent reference to a direct hit on the pumpkin.[emphasis mine..ed]
UPDATE by Rusty: Ed Morrissey has some thoughts here.

Goat's image in his 'younger years' below fold:

Assistant Deputy Reichsleiter

Update III: "Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism Part I":

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